Yamaoka Yasuhiro - Yamaocan Mood (1996)

Yamaoka Yasuhiro Yamaocan Mood

01. Tuning Introduction
02. Short Visit
03. Coco Doco?
04. Circling a Surface
05. Organ Metric
06. Over
07. It Was a Long Distance
08. Tanoshimi wo Mitsuketa yo
09. In the Schoolyard
10. Slip Away
11. Before Dimming
extra: Afterwards

Listening Easy.

I wanted to make something familiar, like Musak music for this album. It's similar to Yamaocan Groove.

all files composed by Yamaoka Yasuhiro.
recorded at home in Tokyo, April-December, 1996.
composed between September 1994, and December, 1996.
catalogue number: YOR-3.

Yamaocan Mood was originally released on cassette tape: YOT-3, 09.03.97.
Afterwards was inserted between Over and It Was a Long Distance, only for the cassette tape release.

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Yamaoka Yasuhiro - 06.12.09 (2009)

Yamaoka Yasuhiro 06.12.09

01. 06.12.09a
02. 06.12.09d
03. 06.12.09c
04. 06.12.09b

all files created by Yamaoka Yasuhiro December 2009.
No catalogue number.

Deliverance from the living god.

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Yamaoka Yasuhiro - 26.09.09 (2009)

Yamaoka Yasuhiro 26.09.09

01. 26.09.09


the file created by Yamaoka Yasuhiro September 2009.
No catalogue number

Trip or sleep

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Yamaoka Yasuhiro - Noise (music) for Music (2009)

Yamaoka Yasuhiro Noise (music) for Music

01. Noise (music) for Music

Noise music is a term used to describe varieties of avant-garde music and sound art that may use elements such as cacophony, dissonance, atonality, noise, indeterminacy, and repetition in their realization.
Noise music can feature distortion, various types of acoustically or electronically generated noise,
randomly produced electronic signals, and non-traditional musical instruments. Noise music may also incorporate manipulated recordings, static, hiss and hum, feedback, live machine sounds, custom noise software, circuit bent instruments, and non-musical vocal elements that push noise towards the ecstatic. The Futurist art movement was important for the development of the noise aesthetic, as was the Dada art movement, and later the Surrealist and Fluxus art movements.
During the early 1900s a number of art music practitioners began exploring atonality. Some composers proposed the incorporation of harmonic systems that were, at the time, considered dissonant. This lead to the development of twelve tone technique and serialism. There is a suggestion that this development might be described as a metanarrative to justify the so called dionysian pleasures of atonal noise.
Contemporary noise music is often associated with excessive volume and distortion, particularly in the
popular music domain with examples such as use of feedback.
Other examples of music that contain noise based features include genres such as industrial, industrial techno, and glitch music exploit noise based materials.

duration: 45’28”
created by Yamaoka Yasuhiro September 2009
text adapted and edited from en.wikipedia.org, read by Alex

Catalogue number: YOR-27

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Yamaoka Yasuhiro - 25.05.09, 25.02.09, 28.09.09 (2009)

Yamaoka Yasuhiro 25.05.09, 25.02.09, 28.09.09

01. 25.05.09
02. 25.02.09a
03. 25.02.09b
04. 28.09.09

all files created by Yamaoka Yasuhiro February, May & September 2009.
No catalogue number.

The lightings for thinking nothing.

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Yamaoka Yasuhiro - 09.09.09, 22.07.09, 13.07.09 (2009)

Yamaoka Yasuhiro 09.09.09, 22.07.09, 13.07.09

01. 09.09.09
02. 22.07.09
03. 13.07.09

all files created by Yamaoka Yasuhiro July & September 2009.
No catalogue number.

Transforming themselves.

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Yamaoka Yasuhiro - 26.07.09 (2009)

Yamaoka Yasuhiro 26.07.09

01. 26.07.09

the file created by Yamaoka Yasuhiro July 2009.
No catalogue number.

Falling into a hole in that dance hall.

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Yamaoka Yasuhiro - 22.04.09, 18.03.09, 20.07.09 (2009)

Yamaoka Yasuhiro
22.04.09, 18.03.09, 20.07.09

01. 22.04.09
02. 18.03.09
03. 20.07.09

All files created by Yamaoka Yasuhiro March, April & July 2009.
No catalogue number.

The summer vacation has gone.

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Yamaoka Yasuhiro - 27.07.09, 23.07.09 (2009)

Yamaoka Yasuhiro 27.07.09, 23.07.09

01. 27.07.09
02. 23.07.09

All files created by Yamaoka Yasuhiro July 2009.
No catalogue number.

Drowning in the fragments of piano.

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Yamaoka Yasuhiro - 11.07.09, 24.05.09 (2009)

Yamaoka Yasuhiro
11.07.09, 24.05.09


01. 11.07.09a

02. 11.07.09b
03. 11.07.09c
04. 11.07.09d
05. 11.07.09e
06. 11.07.09f
07. 24.05.09a
08. 24.05.09b
09. 24.05.09c

All files created by Yamaoka Yasuhiro May & July 2009.
No catalogue number.

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Yamaoka Yasuhiro - "Remix?" for ACE (1999)

Yamaoka Yasuhiro "Remix?" for ACE

01. Sleepwalking (destructive)
02. PIN.CC.O

Once, BBS at the web site of ACE (Tone Note/MIDI Strage) was the place for exchanging audio files and for discussion on music. He exhibited his Sleepwalking for Hammerhead feast. (Hammerhead is a rhythm machine simulator software.) Later, he remixed his own Sleepwalking: Sleepwalking (suicide-mix). I made destructive version from these two versions.
Several months later, he began using Acid (sound loop authoring software). PINOKO was his third work with Acid. The title PINOKO is taken from the name of the little girl character in Black Jack: manga by Tedzuka Osamu. The refference of her name and of the role are from Pinocchio: a well-known tale of the wooden little boy doll. The title PIN.CC.O, my transformed version for PINOKO, came from this background.
PINOKO is withdrawn from ACE's web site now, I don't know why.

Sleepwalking (destuctive) was originally released on 20.06.99.
PIN.CC.O was originally released in 11.99.

Download MP3: Sleepwalking (destructive) | PIN.CC.O


Yamaoka Yasuhiro - From the Old Stack (2006)

Yamaoka Yasuhiro From the Old Stack

Compilation of the work 1997-2000.

01. Inside View (2000)
02. Trauma (2000)
from Basement Resonance (2000)
03. Basement Resonance
04. Basement Resonance (in the grave)
05. 25.09.97 (1997)
06. It's Fun to Communicate
07. Bloody Brothers (1999)
08. Devil/Man (fusion) (1999)
09. Swob (1998, remixed in 2006)
10. 12.12.97 (1997)
from Yamaocan Special (1998)
11. Stabilized Low
12. 04.01.00 (2000)
for Winter Greetings 1997 (1997)
13. Home Way in Snow

all files created by Yamaoka Yasuhiro.
except Inside View & Trauma: by Yeppie/Molder.
It's Fun to Communicate: made from an audio file TOSHIBA CLAIMER on 01.11.99.
Bloody Brothers: made of the fragments from; IronFruit 2000 by ACE, Fish by F7, 373 by funaki1Go, t2k by parabola on 26.10.99.
Stabilized Low: made for Yamaocan Special on 29.11.98.
Home Way in Snow: additional file for Yamaocan Special, originally released for Winter Greetings 1997 on 24.12.99.

Swob: created on 31.01.98, remixed in 05.06 - 06.06.
No catalogue number.

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ACE remixed Basement Resonance: BROS.


Anaheim Records (1998-2000)

Anaheim Records (January 1998 - May 2000)

Do you know about Anaheim Records? About the music label which existed mostly on the net for a year and half. Funaki Shigehito, who was living in Ibaraki, established this music label with his brother and a friend. It might be done around January 1998. Anyway, the label had appeared on the web already in October of the same year. But suddenly, around the end of May 2000, the label put resting statement on their web page, and they never come back again.
At that time, not like today (I am writing this in 2007), music distribution with MP3 format was not so common. The label began to try MP3 music distribution in February 1999 under such circumstances. They even planned music releases only through MP3 formatted packages. If they have survived for today, they might become the one of oldest netlabels.
The web project Techno Scholarship was the beginning. The aim of this project was; to exhibit the remixes for a chosen composition by the contributers who joined mostly through the web, to sell the compilation CD of their remixes and to pay back the sales to the contributors. That was why the project called scholarship, but actually, the CD had never been sold enough.
Techno Scholarship continued to the 3rd round. But many changes happened around the private life of Anaheim Records owner Funaki Shigehito, he could not keep the activities for the label any more. Producing the 3rd CD had been postponed forever. Therefore, YOWorks here took over the producion and the distribution of the 3rd CD. And now, MP3's and card data for CD from all the 3 rounds are still distributed here on the web.

YOWorks feel sorry about the disappearing traces of Anaheim Records. This web page is written for keeping their traces.

Anaheim Records Stetement

I started the label called Anaheim Records.
It is the label without copyright application to the management organization, with the 3 contributors including myself at this time... To say, I just have the visions. My thought is, here comes only my favourite original music. If you have the similar taste with me, here you will find fun to come.
Is our music categorized at so-called Techno for genre?? Anyway, my collection is mostly Electro-Music. But, I will accept and introduce any work like these: a band based sound or a ridiculous pop song, when I think it "great".
This is just the beginning with few composiotions. One new work in two months, this is going to be the basic releasing pace, I hope.
"NEW" mark indicates an addition when the latest modification has done. The excerptions are available for listenings, but they are in bad sound qualities, with no streaming play option. (18.10.98 available) With these conditions, I am nervous whether these are really enough for a serious listening or not, if you are interested in these, come into the order section. Remind that they are not free, I send you our CD or MD by postal deliver. (04.11.98 changed to sell only CD)
"You should accept my music". To people who say like that, I am here waiting for you. Come into contribution section. I have plans to introduce lots of work, and to express the label's characters, feelings or tastes, I am waiting for the entries of your music with your each originalities. I have begun introducing the web sites which I think "they're good", there are few yet at this time.
I am waiting for your e-mail with impressions, hard criticisms, etc.

Web Master: Funaki Shigehito (1998.10.11)

translated from Japanese to English by YOWorks.

Anaheim Records Discography

01. Pink Noise / Shigehito Funaki
I worked seriously. Though my goal was to compose characteristic work, the latter half was intended to have familiar feeling. Listening alone at your room in the night is recommended.

02. Bird's Tail / Mituhiro Morita
At first, I guess this kind of music couldn't be judged from 2-3 minites samples. I would like you to listen to whole music on CD. To myself as an creator, I like his manner of work, that ignoring a service for listeners. My favourite is track 8: professor Luvsanjav

03. Kyookon Butterfly / The swimmerz (The title says: Proposing Butterfly)
Hi there, it's The swimmerz. Sorry, no more CD available. "Phew!" No more selling, but you can still listen to the music on the web. I can serve it by MP3, if you want. "Ah, I guess you won't request it."

04. No Purpose / Shigehito Funaki
Selections are mostly from compositions around August-October 1996. I remember it was the time I just had got sampler, I tried many things to do with it.

05. LOOP LOOM / Seiji Funaki
My first album has come out. LOOP LOOM!!

06. at before down / neko no asioto
The 1st release of "neko no asioto": an alias for Morita. You can find unknown side of his taste like snare rolling attack (laughs). Listening from his previous work "Bird's Tail", it might be interesting to know the changes of his tastes. On the other hand, he is very good guitarist. I say I want him to sing with his guitar.

07. Craftman's amber works#001 / V.A.
Compiled and directed by tamaki. Contributers: MaM, Touru Fukuhara, Morihisa Ikeya plus 3 men from Anaheim Records. If you would like to contribute your work, send e-mail to Anaheim Records. It's welcomed to pick up samples from these compositons, If you would like to use the contained samples themselves, I will inform you the sources what I used. Make contact with me. For our CD card, I call for entry of photo, illustration, painting and more from you all. Send e-mail to Adachi.

08. Techno Scholarship Lesson#1 / V.A.
Finally, the CD has come! Of Techno Scholaship at "Remix" page! Play it loud and enjoy as you like. "It's at the price of usual Anahem Records products."

09. Techno Scholarship Lesson#2 / V.A.
The 2nd release of Techno Scholaship. It's getting very lessor the original mix! "Is this really the remix work?!" It may be because of the 2nd try, I feel something like sophisticated team work in this.

original text by Anaheim Records, traslated from Japanese to English by YOWorks.

Anaheim Records Sampler

01. Shigehito Funaki Away Back In 2001
02. Shigehito Funaki Pink Noise
03. Shigehito Funaki Garamun2
04. Mitsuhiro Morita 75's modernism
05. Mitsuhiro Morita no sun.no bird.no star.no form
06. Mitsuhiro Morita professor Luvsanjav and the greenfield
07. The swimmerz swim[edit]
08. Shigehito Funaki kiss

01. Seiji Funaki Sp
MaM Azahn-1215
03. Seiji Funaki Sol
04. Touru Fukuhara Rabbit bomb
05. Morihisa Ikeya Kon
06. tamaki Cranberry sauce
07. Shigehito Funaki Powder note
08. Shigehito Funaki a new day

16 compositions selected by YOWorks.

Download MP3 package: 1998 | 1999

You can find more MP3s at Anaheim Records MP3 section: 1 | 2

- Next Comming -

Anaheim Records is closed for a while.
Our music files on the web site are still available, but no more modifications will be added for producer's difficult circumstances.
I thought it's better to close everything forever, but I changed my mind, hibernating for a while, promising a new start.

Thank you to all visitors.

See you next time at the new "Ana-Rec"!


original text by Funaki Shigehito, traslated from Japanese to English by YOWorks.


Techno Scholarship Lesson #3 (2000)

Various Artists Techno Scholarship Lesson #3

Techno Scholarship the 3rd, so-called Tech-Schor 2000, or Fools' Scholarship in another name, has changed its way a little from the previous two conventions. It called for entries of foolish songs, then, each student remixed the song which he liked.

01. F7 I am chipper son of the bitch
02. ACE The Last of Killer ACE Koroshiya ACE no Saigo
03. Yeppie Ant Sandals Arinko Sandaru
04. Wen U3
05. funaki1Go Marshmallow Man Mashumaroman
07. jamicow The Last of Killer ACE (Fruity-mix)
08. jamicow I am chipper son of the bitch (rock da house live mix)
09. ACE Super Machismo
11. Yeppie I am chipper son of the bitch (trippin')
12. F7 The Last of Killer ACE - Consomme
13. Yeppie Burial
14. Wen my saw
15. Yeppie U3 (surf 'n' snow)
16. funaki1Go Mashumaroman - Kashikoku Naritai mix
17. Yeppie Mashumaroman (fuwafuwa S)
18. jamicow Mashumaroman (FM Sound Street Demo mix)

14 & 17: Bonus track.

funaki1Go @ Anaheim Records
jamicow @ JMI
Wen @ 000
Yeppie @ YOWorks

tr01-tr05: Uploaded at their websites on 1st/April/2000.
tr06-tr13, tr15-tr16: Uploaded at their websites from 22/April/2000 to 1/May/2000.
Re-issue and card design by Yeppie for YOWorks.
Additional photo materials provided by ACE and F7.
Special thanks to funaki 1Go.

Copyright of each track is owned by each artist.
Please enjoy these tracks only for yourself.

Commentary about Ant Sandals

Poem by Yeppie (translated from Japanese to English):

If it means a dry love abandoned
From a story endless
It will roll down to the house of glass

My dance
Kind desperation

The bath supine
Slimmer peaky

Hi there

There is no meaning in the title Arinko Sandaru (Ant Sandals), neither in the words of this tune.

This work is one from my Harisen Poemer Yeppie series which had been introduced in a net. (Harisen is a kind of Japanese fan which has wider side to slap one's face or head in a "comedic" situation, when he (or she) spoke (or did) a fool thing. Poemer means poet. This wrong English is one of Japanese narrative English - so called Japanese English. The name Harisen Poemer is also taken from Hariken Polymer: a Japanese action SF.) The aim of this is; writing the words which have no meanings and which comes to my mind automatically, then rewriting them in Kanji which have the same pronaunciations, and/or exchanging their lines, and show the lines as a poem (laughs) which seems to have some meaning. Is it really so? I don't know.
In most cases, I composed the poems as results of confused and inexpressive mix of the words.

In Arinko Sandaru, I used rather common way to write words in Kanji, then arranged (or edited) the words. The sung melodies are made from edited adlib singings.

Yeppie (Yamaoka Yasuhiro) @ YOWorks

Originally released by YOWorks 01.04.01.
Limited 6 copies edition included 2 special tracks:
Introduction - Rap the Tech-Schor and Mashumaroman (fuwafuwa).
No catalogue number

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Techno Scholarship Lesson #2 (1999)

Various Artists Techno Scholarship Lesson #2

01. ACE/Yeppie/funaki1Go Introduce
02. ACE WinMute99.zip
03. F7 winter mute SCRUB MIX
04. Mitsuhiro Morita winter mute Morita mix
05. funaki1Go winter mute Most Grand Adventure mix
06. Yeppie Winter Mutation (for A, E and 35) - the mutant
07. AE35 winter mute [RINGo Edit]
08. bane winter mute honte mix
09. jamicow winter mute For Beautiful Human Life '99 mix
10. AE35 winter mute
11. Yeppie Winter Mutation (for A, E and 35) - mute/mutation

AE35 @ AE35
bane, funaki1Go, Mitsuhiro Morita @ Anaheim Records
jamicow @ JMI
Ukiwa @ Ukiwa
Yeppie @ YOWorks

Uploaded at their websites on 1st/April/1999.
Originally compiled and released by funaki 1Go for Anaheim Records.
Original card design by funaki 1Go.
Calligraphic logotype by Wen at 000.
Re-issue and card design re-arrangement by Yeppie for YOWorks.

Copyright of each track is owned by each artist.
Please enjoy these tracks only for yourself.

The compilation does not include 2 tracks: winter mute patch mix by Ukiwa and winter mute Inside Mix by INSIDE.

Commetary about Winter Mutation (for A, E and 35)

The idea comes from the word "mute" from the original tune Winter Mute by AE35.

MUTING the original sound limitlessly, making another MUTATED tone from it.

The work was done with a sound editor software Alchemy:

1. Cut 8 bars out from the original.
2. Mute the sound to the minimum level.
3. Boost frequency bands at very narrow width with equalizer function. The tones are taken after the author's name of the original. A (tones based on 440Hz), E (tones based on 660Hz) and 35Hz.
4. Repeat 2 and 3 until the original sound disappears.
5. Make sound files in 35 times (x2) repeating sounds.
6. Mix these sound files by controlling their volumes.

My friend listened to this mutation and said: "I can see many cows in the distance." So, now it has another name Moo Moo Heaven Mix.

Yeppie (Yamaoka Yasuhiro) @ YOWorks, April/1st/1999

Originally released by Anaheim Records 05.07.99
No catalogue number.

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Techno Scholarship Lesson #1 (1999)

Remix project on the web: Techno Scholarship (1999-2001)

"Because each of us has a site for music, What do you think about remixing our music with each other?"

This message on a BBS is the starting point for the Techhno Scholarship. The members are the friends who met on the web. We choose one subject for the composition from members' ideas, and each contributes a remix in his own way.

The main website for this project was at Anaheim Records (out of business now). The project has stopped after 3 conventions from Jan/1999 - April/2000.

Various Artists Techno Scholarship Lesson #1

01. ACE Psychic Hi-kick
02. T.Matsuno/funaki1Go Introduce
03. jamicow "Psychic Hi-kick" Cosmic space style Mix
04. T.Matsuno Psychic Hi-kick Minimal Edit
05. AE35 Psychic Hi-kick Macroscope mix
06. funaki1Go PsychicFunachic
07. INSIDE Psychic Hi-kick INSIDE MIX
08. F7 Psychic Hi-kick Iconoclast MIX
09. ACE PsychoKiller lives on the second floor with his Cannon
10. Yeppie The Ghost of Psychic Hi-kick (secret track)

AE35 @ AE35
funaki1Go @ Anaheim Records
jamicow @ JMI
T.Matsuno @ TechnoPod
Yeppie @ YOWorks

Uploaded at their websites on 15th/January/1999.
Originally compiled by funaki 1Go with funaki 2Go for Anaheim Records.
Original CD card design: funaki 1Go.
Original materials: ACE (photo and logotype), F7 (font) and Yeppie (font and scholar mark).
Re-issue and CD card re-design: Yeppie for YOWorks.

Copyright of each track is owned by each creater.
Please enjoy these tracks only for yourself.

The Ghost of Psychic Hi-kick was intended to be a secret track.

Originally released by Anaheim Records 24.02.99.
No catalogue number.

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Yamaoka Yasuhiro - 06.05.09 (2009)

Yamaoka Yasuhiro 06.05.09

01. 06.05.09a
02. 06.05.09b
03. 06.05.09c
04. 06.05.09d

All files created by Yamaoka Yasuhiro May 2009.
No catalogue number.

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parabola - t2k (1999)

parabola t2k

01. fold
02. mesh
03. beat
04. pass
05. root

began as a part of the work which is called tonebox (1998-), and turned into the work for year 2000 (tone 2000 - t2k is taken from y2k). using sounds which are made of frequency modurated sine waves. they are based on 2hz, 20hz, 200hz and 2,000hz. four tunes are remixes from root (the duration is 21'20").

tone 2000 generated by parabola, february-october, 1999.
catalogue number: yor-7

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parabola - fragmentator (1996-1999)


01-99. fragmentator

saving or deleting files on the computer disk again and again, causes the fragmentation: the files and the vacant part of the disk break into small-fragments.
fragmentator is a simulation of this "fragmentation" on 99 odd sound fragments (including the blank parts). 99 is the limit of file number with audio cd. each file for mp3 version is made with the same duration. random (shuffle) playback is recommended.

all files composed and produced by parabola.
recorded and fragmentated in september/1996-march/1999,
re-sectioned and divided into mp3 files in may/2006.
catalogue number: yor-6.

fragmentator was originally released on compact disc recordable: yor-6 on 27.03.99.

download mp3 package | last.fm radio

open fragmentator_player.html by web browser software to play fragmentator.


Yamaoka Yasuhiro - Yeppie's "Euroid" (1999-2003)

Yamaoka Yasuhiro Yeppie's "Euroid"

01. Yet Ain't Hot Tonight
02. Practice of Romance
03. Light Me Up
04. Yet Ain't Hot Tonight 03

It began suddenly at my friend's BBS I used to visit. His idea was called Eurobeat feast, and I decided to make a track for this idea. 2 or 3 hours later, I completed Yet Ain't Hot Tonight. This is not exactly a Eurodance tune, but I uploaded this on the BBS. Unexpectedly, this tune was welcomed, so, I made two more, and called these three Euroid.
4 years later, my friend asked me to make an updated version of Yet Ain't Hot Tonight. In July, Yet Ain't Hot Tonight 03 was totally updated using Orion: music workstation software.

All files composed by Yeppie (Yamaoka Yasuhiro), April-May/1999.
except "Yet Ain't Hot Tonight 03", July/2003.
No catalogue number.

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Yamaoka Yasuhiro - Blind Loops (1999)

Yamaoka Yasuhiro Blind Loops

01. Vacuum Loop
02. Whooper Loop
03. Sleepy Loop

Hammerhead feast began at friend's BBS. Hammerhead is the rhythm machine simulator, but I misunderstood it as a loop player. Because I didn't have it. I started to make these tunes with DigitalPerformer. But I couldn't hear any sound through it while I was working on it. Anyway, the results are unexpectingly interesting to me.

All files combined by Yeppie (Yamaoka Yasuhiro), May/1999.
No catalogue number.

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yamaoka yasuhiro - pole.ep (1999)

yamaoka yasuhiro pole.ep

01. modulatone
02. browse it!
03. log out
04. off space

all files composed by yamaoka yasuhiro.
01: august/1999, 02: december/1999 (rebuild: june/2007), 03: september/1999, 04: november/1999.
no catalogue number.

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Liq (1995)

YOFonts Liq

Liq was designed from my need to have a Liquid Crystal Display font for a project I was asked to do. I did not have access to any fonts intended to express numbers in the 7 segment LCD format, so I decided to make my own. Later, I found that there are many LCD fonts available on the web, but I prefer my own alternative.

Liq is designed by Yamaoka Yasuhiro 1995.

Liq is freeware (OpenType)

Download free font (Opentype) | A3 specimen poster


Yamaoka Yasuhiro - The Memorial Junk (2009)

Yamaoka Yasuhiro The Memorial Junk

Recordings 1977-1987: Early work by Yamaoka Yasuhiro

01. 1977 (1977) detail, unreleased
02. Running Water (1980) detail
03. Hato Poppo (1983)
04. Froschgesang (1981)
05. Octopus Song (1982)
06. Ennui (1982)
07. The Dozenth Appearance (1987) unreleased
08. Untitled (1984) unreleased
09. 1984 (1984)
10. Glass Cut Windows Face the Sky (1983)
11. Opaque Stars (1983)
12. B (1982)
13. Decrescent (1982)
14. Untitled (1983)
15. Very Much (1984)
16. Sanatorium (1984)
17. 1977 (1977) detail, unreleased
18. Return (1984)

These chosen sound files are from my very early recordings in 1977 to 1987. I used to play with various electric devices which include Compact Cassette Tape recorders, turntables, airwaves receivers, etc, and with several musical instruments since 1975. These devices spreaded out my sound experiences. I began collecting various sounds around me. Sometimes, recorded with my musical instrument playings.
My very private label; Scribble Records was made to release my collections in 1982. The name of this label comes from my first collection's title in 1975: The Scribbling Days. Most of files in The Memorial Junk are from Scribble Records releases.

All files created by Yamaoka Yasuhiro.
Froschgesang: traditional, arranged by Yamaoka Yasuhiro.
All files recorded in Tottori except The Dozenth Appearance in Tokyo.
Remastered and edited in February-March 2009.
Catalogue number: YOR-20.

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Yamaoka Yasuhiro - Domain ep (1998-1999)

Yamaoka Yasuhiro Domain ep

01. Down Run
02. Culc
03. Hepcat
04. Tranceport

Entitled for the commemoration of taking the web domain: yoworks.com. Exhibited and sold for Flokke 6 at Digitalogue Gallery in Tokyo, 1999.

All files composed by Yamaoka Yasuhiro.
01. December/1998, 02. January/1999, 03. January/1998, 04. January/1999.
No catalogue number.

Originally released as Demo January 1999 on 27.01.99.

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Grov (1996-2002)

YOFonts Grov

Grov was called Yamaocan Chicago, the font for my music work: Yamaocan Groove in 1996. The inspiration for this font, as the original name shows, came from Chicago: the system font for MacOS. Elementa, the other my personal interpritation of Chicago, seemed not fit to my image for Yamaocan Groove. So, I designed new personal version of it. Later, I decided to put this font as freeware, then changed the name to Grov. Since shown on my web page, Grov was the most requested font. I also have received the requests to expand the Grov family. Now, Grov family is increasing slowly.

Japanese Kana complements originally began as my personal complements for Chigago in 1998. As soon as I began to draw them, I found it was better to design them for my Grov. I also had received a few e-mails which are asking Kana complements for Grov. I decided to design my new Kana fonts with the elements from Grov as possible.

In 1999, the condensed complement for Grov is designed out from my need. Sometimes I used Grov in condensed letterform by scaling effect. But, this always caused the problem that Grov's letterform distorted in a too weak weight. So, I decided to add new condensed family to Grov.

The bold complements for Grov family is designed in 2000-2002. Actually, bold complements for the upright characters had done in 2000. But, I could not finish the italic complements for various reasons, and I wanted to show them together. In October-Novemver/2002, they are completed.

Grov is designed by Yamaoka Yasuhiro 1996-2002.

Grov is freeware (TrueType for Windows or MacOS).

Grov Alphabet
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Grov Japanese Kana
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Grov Condensed Alphabet
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