Yamaoka Yasuhiro - 1/2 after 5 (1994-1995)

Yamaoka Yasuhiro 1/2 after 5 (of Yamaoka Yasuhiro)

01. Clear Day Exercise
02. Boys with Hammers
03. Lost Planes
04. Push-Pull
05. Awaiting
06. Forecast
07. Day for Locomotor
08. Same as Before
09. The Room Is Empty
10. Towards a Warm Wave
extra: Cream Here Me Now!

The title 1/2 after 5 reads Half After Five: a DTM (desktop music) life after finishing my daily job. There are various compilation versions under this title including selected files from This Is A Record. Four files were mailed on the cassette tape: The Fifteen Year Itch. Seven files were mailed on the cassette tape: PROTO-PROMO 1.

All tracks composed, arranged, played and engineered by Yamaoka Yasuhiro.
Recorded and mixed at home in Tokyo between October, 1994 and March, 1995.
Catalogue Number: YOR-4.

1/2 after 5 was originally released on cassette tape: YOT-4, 30.11.96.
Cream Here Me Now! was inserted between Same As Before and The Room Is Empty, only for the cassette tape release.

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