Yamaoka Yasuhiro - VaiNarQ (music for poetry reading) (2006)

Yamaoka Yasuhiro VaiNarQ (music for poetry reading)

01. VaiNarQ (music for poetry reading)
02. Ceremony Study
03. Pilgrimage
extra. Scriptures

VaiNarQ (music for poetry reading) was originally composed as background music for reading VaiNarQ Gyorkto 69: poetry by Ukai Rope/Hisaka Yogo. (these two names are used for the poet. both the new name and the old one.) in December 2005, he asked me how to record his readings with background music into a personal computer, possibly, with new original music. in March 2006, he brought me his rehearsal recording of poetry readings with his pianist friend playing background drone "cosmic" organ sounds. the duration of this recording is over 38 minutes. VaiNarQ (music for poetry reading) is composed from the images of this rehearsal recording. I dubbed his alternative poetry reading over this new original music.

all music by Yamaoka Yasuhiro, March 2006.
front image was taken in Urawa, Saitama, January 2006.
catalogue number: YOR-16

originally released on 22.3.2006.

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Hisaka Yogo/Ukai Rope - VaiNarQ Gyorkto 69 (2006)

Hisaka Yogo/Ukai Rope VaiNarQ Gyorkto 69

01. Introduction
02. VaiNarQ Gyorkto 69 Rope
03. Ginza to Kohkyo
04. Anata no Yubi ni Fureta...
05. Isso Daki Shime... Uchoo no Waltz wo
06. Shinjitsu wha... Wake Hanasare
07. Te ni Noseta Uchoo Umidzuki
08. Anata Furu Omae Shohkori Naku
09. Nijoo Seiki Matsu Hohkai Kaku Sugi Koshi
10. Ano-Yo Kono-Yo wo Yukitsu Modoritsu
11. Wasurekane Shi no Omosa
12. Mimuro Gyorkto wo Omuro Sumerani
13. Shiten no Miyako ni Tama no Rishu Furase
14. Summer Bomb Hold
15. Shi wha Shingon ni Asobi
16. Program Data

Poetry and readings by Hisaka Yogo (VaiN)/Ukai Rope (ArQ).
Music by Yamaoka "Yeppie" Yasuhiro. Recorded on 12th March 2006 in Saitama Japan.

The poetry (48 pages, B5 size) VaiNarQ Gyorkto 69 is published by Shichigetu-Doh in 2005. Special 21 sets from the copies are in wooden case with ambers from Valtic States.

originally released on 22.3.2006.
Originally mixed on 12.3.2006, remixed on 4.7.2008. Revised on 17.12.2011

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yamaoka yasuhiro - dying carnivores while they are pretending herbivores (2005)

yamaoka yasuhiro dying carnivores while they are pretending herbivores

01. dying carnivores while they are pretending herbivores

title: dying carnivores while they are pretending herbivores
author: yamaoka yasuhiro
duration: 60:00:00
date: 09/january/2005 - 13/january/2005
softwares: sintrilium cool edit pro v1.2, arboretum systems hyperprism v1.55

a trash can at the ground zero nyc usa 23 november 2002.

catalogue number: yor-14

released on 16.1.2005.

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yamaoka yasuhiro - everybody, it's time to doze (2005)

yamaoka yasuhiro everybody, it's time to doze

01. worlds in harmony
02. doze (one)
03. blue spots
04. greener logic
05. 21.01.05
06. 21.08.04
07. double doze
08. cold history
09. principle of friction
10. doze (two)
11. greener method
12. 09.12.04
13. 10.12.04
14. 11.12.04
15. 16.12.04
16. 17.12.04
17. 19.12.04
18. 20.12.04a
19. 20.12.04b
20. 22.12.04
21. more doze

all files created by yamaoka yasuhiro through june 2004 to january 2005 in tokyo japan.

yamaoka yasuhiro everybody, it's time to doze ep

01. start to doze
02. peach 2, 3, 1
03. 18.07.04
04. 01.08.04
05. 01.12.04
06. 03.12.04
07. 07.12.04

all files created by yamaoka yasuhiro through may 2004 to december 2004 in tokyo japan.

catalogue number: yor-15

originally released on 07.04.2005.
everybody, it's time to doze ep was added to yor-15 on 30.05.2006.

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Yamaoka Yasuhiro - From the Buried Stack (2007)

Yamaoka Yasuhiro From the Buried Stack

a compilation of found electronic soundscape fragments in 1996-2004.

27:00 (2004)

01. 00:30a
02. 00:30b
03. 01:30
04. 02:00
05. 02:30
06. 03:00
07. 03:30
08. 04:00
09. 04:30
10. 05:00

These 10 files were created originally for an untitled album in 2004. The first plan was including 19 files: 00:30/01:00/01:30/02:00/02:30/03:30/04:00/04:30/05:00/05:30/06:00/06:30/07:00/07:30/08:00/08:30/09:00/09:30/10:00.
The total duration was 95:30, but this was too long to write on to one cd-r. So, I decided to delete the last 2 files: 9:30 & 10:00. This gets it down to 75:30.
The project began in late february 2004. I made trial files, but they suddenly disappeared for the operation system software crashing. The computer needed re-installing it.
When re-started working on this plan, I almost lost my motivation to keep this going on. So, the unfinished album stopped at 27:00, with 2 trial versions for 00:30 and the lost 01:00.
all files created by Yamaoka Yasuhiro March/2004.

transfer (1999-2000)

11. transferevb
12. transfer

transfer originally created for pole.ep, December 1999. I made another file browse it! from working file of transfer, and this has become track2 of pole.ep.
Later, in August 2000, I made transferevb as a part of macro/run. transfer+ is the mixture of transfer and transferevb
all files created by Yamaoka Yasuhiro December/1999-August/2000.

macro/run (1999-2000)

13. introx
14. tr3x
15. tr1x
16. tr2x
17. intro
18. macro1
19. macroD
20. 2
21. Beat5

macro/run had to be organized to the one single piece.
The work had been done from November 1999 to August 2000. But, many files were destroyed for some hard drive problems, and I could not rescue them. What only I have now are very small parts and fragments of trial mixes.
all files created by Yamaoka Yasuhiro December/1999-August/2000.

rytmpt (2000)

22. rytmpt

a part of abondoned ep project in 2000. the ep included macro/run.
created by Yamaoka Yasuhiro July/2000.

telestep (2002)

23. telestep

for Shumekuri Calendar project. recorded in NY, USA.
created by Yamaoka Yasuhiro December/2002.

1000FM (2000)

24. a
25. a+b
26. b

1000FM is not a proper title for this project. These pieces should be continued as; a, a+b, b, b+c, c, c+d, d, etc. And these pieces should be merged as one long composition.
I don't remember why this project had been terminated. That's why it took very longer time to realize the idea than I expected, I guess...
all files created by Yamaoka Yasuhiro August/2000.

20.01.96 (1996)

27. 20.01.96

recorded as an trial improvised playing for microphony iv by parabola.
created by Yamaoka Yasuhiro January/1996.

No catalogue number.

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Molder - I am Molder (2001-2004)

Molder I am Molder

01. Tenshi no Sasayaki (2001)
02. Song of Angel (2001)
03. Tenshi no Umeki (2001)
04. Tenshi no Risutora (2001)
05. Tenshi no Awa-Odori (2001)
06. Toire no Nisoku-Hokoh (2001-2003)
07. Urashimetaroh to Otoshime-sama no Honyarara (2001-2004)
08. Sa-Ku-Ra (2004)
09. Uchi no Amamore (2004)

Molder is my good friend. I used to teach him about personal computer things. He was very interested in DTM, I instructed him how to do it. These 9 files are the processes of his learnings.

Yeppie May/2008

All music by Molder except 02, 04, 05 by Molder/Yeppie.

No catalogue number.

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yamaoka yasuhiro - phantom guitars (symphony in 5 movements) (2003)

yamaoka yasuhiro phantom guitars (symphony in 5 movements)

01. phantom guitars (symphony in 5 movements)

Symphony in 5 movements is made from consecutive compositions phantom guitar from the web site of Nosaka. QuickTime Player has the function to be able to play more than two files at the same time, I tried to play all six files of phantom guitar in some style like a DJ would. The result was nicer than I expected. This is the beginning of this project. Glenn Branca is the composer known for his own ear-roaring guitar orchestra. His well-known compositions have the title Symphony. After this, I add the subtitle Symphony to my work using six phantom guitars. Each movement constructs the symphony as: A1a-A2a-B-A2b-A1b, each duration is: 20sec, 40sec, 60sec, 80sec, 100sec. Ahead of each movement, there is a silent part: 1sec, 2sec, 3sec, 4sec, 5sec. Total duration was planned as 5min 15sec, but I don't know why, it is 5min 14sec in actual duration (the one lost second might have been eaten by phantom). Also, each movements has hidden subtitle: Chaos, Haunting, Sealed, Releasing, Invasion. This formation is taken from classic symphonies, because they have a certain aesthetic style of construction.

Yamaoka Yasuhiro, November/2003

original files created by n, symphonized by y, november/2003.
no catalogue number.

original phantom guitar page in Nosaka's Home Page.
phantom guitar page in Internet Archive.

Download MP3: phantom guitars (symphony in 5 movements)

There are also the variations which are done by Nosaka Keiichi himself with phantom drums by K.T: phantom3.


Yamaoka Yasuhiro - "Remix?" for Newknown (2004)

Yamaoka Yasuhiro "Remix?" for Newknown

01. Cathedral (not temple)
02. Cathedral (not mosque)
03. Cathedral (not cathedral)
04. Cathedral (not shrine)

In October 2004, NEWKNOWN (ex Newness Known) asked me that he would like to remix one of my works as a part of his remix project: Bohtoku (defilement) Remix. I accepted. A few weeks later, he sent me an e-mail saying that his remix had been done, check these out. These? Yes, he made the four versions from my work! Therefore, I decided to remix his work into four versions. As similar as he did. His composition Cathedral is one of my favourites. I broke down his Cathedral and rebuilt up to the different four buildings from it. They are not temple, or not mosque, not cathedral anymore, not shrine either.

Cathedral Remixes were originally released in 10.2004.

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Yamaoka Yasuhiro - 6741 556 (2003-2004)

Yamaoka Yasuhiro 6741 556

01. 6741 556
02. I Hate This Rhythm
03. Botan
04. 6741 556 (disc joggle)
05. 6741 556 (33 4652)

all files composed by Yamaoka Yasuhiro, February-March 2003 except 6741 556 (disc joggle) & 6741 556 (33 4652), November 2004.
6741 556 (disc joggle) is re-remix version of remixes by NEWKNOWN.

6741 556 reads munashi kokoro which means empty heart. The subtitle for 6741 556 (33 4652); 33 4652 reads mimi yorokobu which means pleasure for ears.

No catalogue number.

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NEWKNOWN remixed 6741 556 in 4 variations: Extra Version, Flow Mix, Strange Mix, Edit Version


Yamaoka Yasuhiro - My First GarageBand (2004)

Yamaoka Yasuhiro My First GarageBand

01. 05.02.04
02. 07.02.04
03. Techonopiano
04. Ugokashite Kudasai
05. 01.02.04
06. Have A Good Time

that's amazing!

all files created by Yamaoka Yasuhiro with Apple GarageBand v1.1.0 February 2004 in Tokyo Japan.

No catalogue number.

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Yamaoka Yasuhiro - The Vague System (2002-2004)

Yamaoka Yasuhiro The Vague System

01. rl:60x8/s/fm+r
02. The Suspicious Mirrors
03. Rummage
04. The Popular Community
05. Magical Philosophy
06. Revulsion
07. Mass of Goodness
08. Bogged Curiosity
09. Distant Audience
10. stq.glt
11. doc.glt
12. krp.glt
13. vtg.glt
14. An Educative Elephant
15. Obsolescent Parts
16. Interior
17. Exterior
18. I Do Nothing
19. Pulsigen

composer producer Yamaoka Yasuhiro.
October 2003 - August 2004 Tokyo Japan.

Yamaoka Yasuhiro The Vague System EP

01. 100-50-200
02. 88-4/xfm/s
03. 88x/fm
04. Waltz for the Chair
05. All Missing
06. A New Nostalgia

composer producer Yamaoka Yasuhiro.
March 2002 - July 2004 Tokyo Japan.

catalogue number: YOR-11

originally released on 12.8.2004.
The Vague System EP was added to yor-11 on 30.5.2006.

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Nord (1992-2001)

YOFonts Nord

The name Nord is, actually, my misspelling to Node (it is where plant's stem/branch starts to grow). I had not aware of it for a long time, and now I leave it misspelled. So, the image of Nord does not come from Scandinavia - Nord is an old French term for Northern, Nordique means Scandinavian. The shape with the ovals in the same proportion for the terminals/curves in letterforms, it suggested me the image from plant. That is why the name came from. I maintained the bold complement which had been completed in 1992, then exhibited it as free font.

In 1999, Donald Beekman sent me his work of my Nord included its thinner/thicker variations. Regular weight for Nord had been already on drawing board, and I decided to add more complemental versions to it by seeing his work. Now its Regular and Black weights are newly available.

Later, I added more complements for Nord as Extended Family: Small Caps, Large Lows (enlarged lower cases as upper cases) and Composite (a combination of these two complements).

Nord is designed by Yamaoka Yasuhiro 1992-2001.

Download free font (OpenType) Nord, Nord Extended Family | A3 specimen poster


yamaoka yasuhiro - good arpeggiation (2012)

yamaoka yasuhiro good arpeggiation

01. 1a
02. 1b
03. 1c
04. 2a
05. 2b
06. 2c
07. 3
08. 4a
09. 4b
10. 5

july 2012

catalogue number: yor-30

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Yamaoka Yasuhiro - Silhouettes (2012)

Yamaoka Yasuhiro Silhouettes

01. Who is dancing?
02. Generating the light
03. Who is walking?
04. Who is playing?
05. Who is nothing?
06. A straight road with no light

july 2012

catalogue number: yor-31

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Yamaoka Yasuhiro - 08.02.12 (2012)


Yamaoka Yasuhiro 08.02.12

created by Yamaoka Yasuhiro.

audio: excerpt from 26.09.09 generated in September 2009.
visual: originally taken in January 2009, processed and edited in February 2012.
original size: 1280x720px, duration: 13‘22”.

Download MPEG-4 mp4 | Flash video flv

the video is also on YouTube.
please listen the full version of 26.09.09.


yamaoka yasuhiro - doze one (2012)


yamaoka yasuhiro doze one

created by yamaoka yasuhiro 2012.

audio: generated in december 2004.
visual: originally taken in february 2007, processed and edited in december 2011-february 2012.
original size: 1280x720px, duration: 04‘07”.

download mpeg-4 mp4 | flash video flv

the video is also on youtube.
doze one is taken from an album everybody, it's time to doze.